Karen Marchese

Fine Art: Photography, Assemblage, Sculpture


Semi-abstract Photography

If I were to term my style of photography I’d say semi-abstract. My work is primarily about form and mass, assimilation of two dimensional into three dimensional. Sculptural reference is what I gravitate toward in subject matter. I also appreciate happenstance and the non-staged subject.

Jack Marchese

Fine Art: Classical Figure Drawing and Photography


Photography and Classical Figure Drawing

I’m drawn to the contrast and play of light on an object/surface or figure and try to represent this whether in a graphite/charcoal drawing or photography.

I use my manual 35mm Nikon FM to shoot an image while cognizant of a composition in mind, reproducing it exactly as I intended, the moment I snapped the shutter.

My images are to each viewer, a different experience yet a common one in that everyone “sees” the same image but will psychologically take away something different. Human anatomy with its unique complexities inherent in every human body inspires me. A face for example inspires me to sketch and capture the essence of the personality with lines and a simple gesture of charcoal or graphite.


“The simple and casual moments involved in drawing a sketch cannot hope to record the infinite variety and complexity of a subject, so contends itself with a partial statement, addressing this to the imagination for the full and perfect meaning…”

Paraphrased from an Illustrated Treatise on Pen Drawing by Charles D. Maginnis

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