Let Marchese Design Studio sell your Art or “Junk!”  Some art you just love, haven’t had the heart to… no longer have the room for…  and it needs go! Spring cleaning time! Be done with that 30 year collection of dusty paintings and posters in the attic or inherited pieces no one has room for. With our help you can be rid of the things you just can’t keep! Once and for all. We’ll post your Art or “Junk” on this website at “your price.” Your name and information will never, ever be part of the art posting. What we need from you is a good photo, size and description of the art to post on the website. We’ll contact you when the artwork sells and send you the payment. Please see details on Sellers Form. Categories: paintings, posters, etchings, sculpture and more. Just ask if you’re not sure. 

Questions, contact us. Want to shop the Art/Junk store? Click here.